Monday, May 2, 2011

Bang Car Bang

I went to my friend wedding yesterday. I was driving the ancient Honda Accord. So for those who knows about it know that the car is huge. I am so used to driving the Peugeot. 

Somehow whilst parking, I accidentally bang another car. Well my car was just scratched but the other car was badly dented. Since the owner was not around, I posted a note on the car wiper hoping he/she would call me back and I shall pay for the repair. 

The owner actually didn't realize about it and just gave me a call. For now waiting the confirmation from the actual coat for the repair from the mechanic. Hopefully it doesn't cost me much. 

I felt so much better now.


ramzylee said...

thank you.
you made me think again that honest people like you still exist these days..

Adrian said...

so kind :) well right thing you did

Ameer Zachery said...

ramzylee: there is nothing wrong for admitting your mistake. Plus, I SHOULD pay for the damage no matter what. I think there still a lot more honest people around. I'm just ok la. Hahaha. The owner still didn't get back to me after the first call.

A.D.: Thanks