Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Toll Booth

This might be just some random thought which run through my mind every time I passed the toll booth. Heck even some of it happen to me as well. Since we have so many toll booth in this country, it hard to miss to think about things. If only we don't have to pay for toll every 100 meters.

This would be even funnier if I use BM instead. So I do apologies if some of you might not understand it.

Case 1

Police is chasing some car and they were reaching toll.

Toll booth assistant: Baik pun perompak tu pakai Smart Tag nak lalu. Cepat sikit nak jalan.

Case 2

Ambulance is coming in fast with siren can be heard far far away.

TBA: Ok ok. Ready ready. Nak dekat dah tu. Nak tekan bagi palang naik nie..

Case 3

Car approaching Touch n Go booth.

Driver: OMG! Where did I put my card. Damn it. Where are you?

Case 4

Car approaching Smart Tag booth.

Driver: Eh. Cannot use Touch n Go? Die lar. Die lar.

Case 5

Car nearing toll booth.

Driver: Lor. Closed?


Medie007 said...

i wonder if the toll ppl really let the police thru without needing to pay...

Ameer Zachery said...

I think they let them thru also for free..