Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Halloween Night

It was so fun hanging out with bunch of friends during the Halloween night. I didn't know I would meet some of the people I know and didn't know at the party. It was so cool.

The theme for the might was character from a movie or something. I don't know what to wear so I just thought maybe a plane crash victim would be nice. It is not that hard for me to do it actually. The only thing I need is my uniform and fake blood and done.

While picking my friend up at his condo, got people asked me if I'm ok. I was a bit confused at first until they told me if I were in an accident or something. LOL.

Most of the people there did not follow the theme at all. They just wore their best cloth. Too bad I guess.

Funny thing was, people keep asking my friends about me. Ya ya. I know I 'perasan' one but it's true. I didn't know also until they told me. I do know that a lot of people are looking at me. That was fun.

So party over and sleep sleep sleep. It was tiring but I was enjoying it.


Adrian said...

The blood looks darn real for sure!

William said...


Danny said...

best nyerr... ppl checking you out ;p

savante said...

Really kewl shirt :) Would be great if you carried a knife as well!

Ameer Zachery said...

A.D: Bought it at party shop. Kinda cool but yucky.. Hahaha.

William: Hahaha... Noooo..

Danny: Just me 'perasan' only..

savante: Lol. What that got to do with plane crash? Sound more like a horror movie already now.. Hahaha..