Friday, November 12, 2010

I Miss My Parent

It only two weeks since my parent left for Haj. They will be away for 40 days to be exact. That is longest time ever they leave the country.

They also left all their work to me to handle. I am not used to it. They just leave it like that without warning. I know they did left me a note telling me what to do but to be exact I actually had to keep this family running until they are back.

It is not an easy job. I had to juggle between my job and family matters on my own. Yes, I do have an older brother but he also had been assign for the house and the shop. As for me I am assign for all the financial matter. It is far more difficult and complicated.

That is why you always heard me talking about going for a holiday. It has been a stressful period for me with my studies and this. Now I know how difficult my parent had been handling all sort of matters. Now I really missed them and hope they will be back soon.

For now, I am doing it slowly. Some are easy to handle (paying bills, etc) while some are hard to settle (collecting rentals, etc).

I'm tired. I think I am going to rest now.

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