Monday, December 21, 2009

The Quality of Malaysia Public Transportation

There been a lot of complaint regarding the quality of the public transport in Malaysia. In this post, I will narrow to the KL location. However, I still believe all other places also experiencing the same problem.

What cause the problem? Some said it is lag on general planning. Others might said there is not enough budget to accommodate the current public usage on the service. Be it the LRT, KTM Komuter, Bus or Taxi, the problem need to be solve from it root.

Presently, the government is not doing sufficient job in helping the company affected. Also, the relevant company did not fully plan the infrastructure of the service at all. You see, setting up and planning take a lot of work. I can't compare much apart from my experience while playing Transport Giant, I learn a lot of thing.

1. Location. For bus stop example. The location of the stop must be strategically place to ensure the passanger will have easy excess to it. If it is in the middle on of a busy road, it will affect other traffic and cause a massive traffic jam. It also must be located where the residential or/and commercial area is the greatest need. Yes, you need a lot of stops so people don't have to walk very far to find one.

2. Route. Selecting routes are reason the volume of passenger to be good or bad. Different people want to go to different for it origin location. By making stop at places of interest, it will help maximise the route usage.

3. Fare. So far the fare is acceptable for Malaysia in comparison with other country. However, it would fair if there is promotion for regular commuter to pay a lot lesser. This will help to reduce the volume of traffic on the road and also help promote people to use public transport as mode of transportation. One flaw noted so far is only the KLIA Express and Transit. The fare is over exaggerate.

4. Condition of carriage. With the growth of population in Malaysia, it only fair if the carriage to be change/increase to accept a larger amount of passenger. Take Singapore for example, their MRT is big enough that people do not have to cramp like sardine inside. It is time for this change to be made. People want to have a comfortable environment. Poor maintain of carriage is a no no. Refer: SMRT Singapore

5. Time. Stick to the schedule. If it is set for 10 minute interval make it happen. Don't promise thing that can't be kept. The idea is so people can plan on their journey wisely and have a lot more faith while using public transport. Traffic jam is normal everywhere but it does not serve as an excuse to not be punctual. A very good example is Australia. Malaysia should learn from their experience. Refer: Metlink Melbourne

There are a lot things to be talk about in term of public transportation problem. If no action were taken to sort this out, more and more people will simply use their own car as a mode of transportation.

Post Scriptum: I stop using public transportation after having bad experience from it. I shall continue doing so until improvement is made.


Ed said...

ppl like u should not take public transportation!

nnt kene rogol or wat not siape yg susah :P

Husni Daud said...

i agree with your statement that Malaysia must do a lot thing to simplify about public transportation. If this problem not take the solution, our environment will contaminated.