Thursday, December 24, 2009

Hospitalization In And Out

So far I had been admitted to a lot of hospital this year. I have been sick for quite sometime and currently still undergoing treatment to stay well. Just to name a few, I had been into Pantai Hospital, Sunway Medical Centre, Sime Darby Medical Centre and Assunta Hospital.

It is not a nice feeling to be sick but like it or not I had to endure it. Sometimes I do wonder if I was tested by god. Sometimes I just feel like HE can just take my life if HE wants to as I can no longer able to handle the suffering.

So far out of all the hospital, I believe the best hospital for me is Assunta Hospital. In term of the Doctors, the Nurses and the medical treatment, Assunta provided the best yet so far toward its patient. This not to promote the hospital but what the doctor can do (and not from other hospital) is that she is the only one who checks me thoroughly and found the lying cause of my sickness. For at least there is hoped to treat me.

I am still in recovering mode and once or twice in fortnight, I need to go to the hospital to have my blood check and for the doctor to assess my condition. I am on medical leave for three months and perhaps more if the problem has not been solve by then.

So help pray for my speedy recovery as I really want to enjoy back my life and go to work.


Ed said...

u will be always in my prayers~

carpe diem said...

Hey buddy, Bummed here from iggy's. I hope you are well ady. What illness was it that caused you to be out of action for so long. All the best. Take care

AmeZac said...

It was something quiet serious (as it involve the brain) and there were some complication at that time but everything seem to be getting better now after a long medication. Now I just need learn to manage the pain since there is nothing more they could do about it. And thanks.