Monday, January 8, 2018

Let’s Go To UAE

Tonight would be my first official holiday for the year 2018 and I am bringing my mom along with me. 

Guess where I am heading. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi of United Arab Emirates. 

Burj Khalifa Dubai

I think it has been ages since my last visit to UAE. Four years perhaps. This time I am going to visit their Miracle Garden. It is my mom wish and who am I to say no to my mother. She is all hype out now. 

We been to Dubai together before. I think it was in 2012 maybe. Since Dubai is such a familiar city to us, I decided to bring her to Abu Dhabi as well. I could show her a few places of interest which I visited before in 2010. 

Grand Mosque Abu Dhabi

Tonight we fly out. Flying with Emirates to Dubai and coming home with Etihad. Both which my mom have not flown yet. So it would be a first time experience for her as well. Our flight departs at 0110LT and expected to touchdown at 0430LT.

Alright then. Time to resume my packing. Pray for our safe journey and well being.

P/S: I will try my best to update my travel blog with beautiful pictures once I am back from UAE. 

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