Sunday, January 6, 2013

New Year 2013

Happy New Year everyone! I know a bit late wishing all of you. I had been very busy lately until I fall sick. I need to take care of myself better.

So another year has passed. I guess it still not the end of the world as some people predicted. It has been a good year last year. I shall update you about it on my next post.

This year I shall concentrate more toward travel, money and health. To be honest I don't really know what's my resolution this year. I've achieved most of it last year. However, I still need something to keep my going.

So what are this year targets for me?

01. Travel with 10 different airlines.
02. Travel to 15 new cities (excluding home country) around the world.
03. Travel and stay at 10 new cities around Malaysia.
04. Travel to North America and South America.
05. Bring my mom to 5 new cities (excluding home country) around the world.
06. Bring my mom to 5 cities around Malaysia.
07. Travel on a cruise ship.
08. Visit Disneyland Los Angeles, Disneyland Orlando and Disneyland Tokyo.

01. Pay off credit card debt.
02. Limit credit card to 4 only at one time.
03. Limit spending on credit card.
04. Limit monthly spending to RM1000.
05. Invest RM25000 to investment.
06. Invest in 2 new properties.
07. Target for business sale of RM25000 with profit of 25%.
08. Donate more to those who needed.
09. Save money to buy car next year.
10. Save money to renovate house by mid year.

01. Go out at least once a month with friends.

01. Move to a new house.

01. Lose 15kgs.
02. Go to gym at least 5 times per month.
03. Eat fast food only twice or less a month.
04. Eat less sweet food.

01. Work harder.
02. Be more knowledgeable.
03. Learn 1 new language.

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