Monday, February 14, 2011


Hardly for me to be angry with someone for such a long period of time. Mainly because I cool down as fast as my anger rise. Somehow this time it seem that the anger in me still flaming and it slowly becoming hate. 

Most if the time when I'm angry, I will leash everything out. For me, keeping it inside only going to make it worst. Plus, your other party won't know how angry you are with him/her and might just assume you ok with it. 

Right now I am still angry and for some reason it have been on for more than a week. Usually a day is tops for my anger to dies down. 

The issue is still unresolved and slowly it becoming pure hatred. 

The longer I keep it within me the worse it will become. I am yet to tell anyone about it expect for the person I'm angry at. Somehow my action lead me more angry than before due to the fact it was replied with silence. 

I know some of my friends would like to know what was happening but I appreciate it if no one asked about it. Let this be my problem.

I feel like hitting someone right now with all the anger in me.What a great day today to be posting this.

Note: Seriously, I'm hating you more and more everyday up to a point one day I feel I might physically hit you. So my advise, don't speak to me until you really truly are sorry. In this case, maybe never.

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