Sunday, January 23, 2011

Heart Out

I'm creating this post just to say whatever in my heart at this moment and then move on with it.

I have been knowing that this day will come and I should accept the fact I am not a priority in some one life. Not to be over reacting but what would you do to the person you love everytime you see them. Would you keep quite or you say to them you love them. Well in my case I am the only one saying with no reply back from the other party.

Everytime I hear my whatsapp notification sound I always get excited hoping that the message is coming from you. But the sad truth is it doesn't anymore.

So I just want to let everything out now and move on with my life. If I am so important to you in the first place, I'm sure you would do anything you can to protect me and be there for me no matter what. That what I have been doing for you since forever but yet I feel that it is not good enough for you to appreciate it.

Ok. Enough with the rambling. I'm taking Sunday off from everyone to relax and just be alone with myself for a while. I need to handle the stress I created from all this so called 'complicated relationship' which technically never exist in the first place.

I know you been quiet lately but I do know you read my blog too. So read this. I hope you are very happy with all the decision you have made because I am not going to take you back in my life unless you really truly deeply mean it.

I need to see it to believe it. Something even you not able to show it to me.

Good bye

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