Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CIMB Visa Signature

I was upgrading my Visa Platinum card to the new Visa Signature from CIMB. The offer seem to be much better compare to Platinum and the privileged status is only one step lower from the Visa Infinite. (To find out more about Visa cards - click here)

The easiest way for me to apply is via the card centre which available at few places around the Klang Valley. I went to Pavilion as it is more convenient for me. The good thing about applying for Visa Signature and above is the one hour approval and issue of the card. I didn't believe it in the first place. Thus the reason of me trying. It is confirmed by me to be extremely true. All you need is your latest salary slip and IC and you are done. However, the application must be made before 4:30 pm.

The centre do feel a little prestige with the Customer Service Executive attend to you promptly and attentively. The service were excellent. I asked a lot of questions and she keep walking around (not once but couple of times) looking for brochure that would help me with the answer. I was so not use to such assistance until I joined helping her too which she kept insisting me to sit and let her do all the work. Such great service.

So an hour later, I received my new CIMB Visa Signature and also the door gift of leather picture frame by Kaufmann. The minimum credit limit is RM50000. The credit limit given to me is slightly higher. (I also don't know what to do with it)  

So what so good about it? Well it is a lot better from Visa Platinum to start with. I am just going to give the offers given from CIMB at this time. More info - click here.

1. No Annual Fee - Waiver for you and up to 3 Supplimentary cards. (Great!)

2. 2X Bonus Points For Overseas Spending - Fast-track your Bonus Points accumulation for every RM1 charged on your CIMB Visa Signature Card for overseas retail spending. (This would be alright if I can't use my American Express card)

3. Complimentary Airport Lounge Access - Enjoy complimentary access to Plaza Premium Lounge 2 times a year, automatically renewed annually if your total spending Is RM100,000 or more per annum. (EON Visa Signature offer better)

4. Dedicated CIMB Travel Desk - Enjoy exclusive travel deals and arrangements from hotels to flights reservations or personalised tour packages by a team of travel professionals at CIMB Travel Desk.

5. Complimentary Movie Ticket - Enjoy a complimentary movie ticket of the same class - Gold, Premiere, or Normal Class, with any purchase of movie tickets with your CIMB Visa Signature card at any Golden Screen Cinemas nationwide. (Utilizing it every single time I am out for movies)

6. CIMB Premier Club Rewards - Enjoy privileged savings when you use your CIMB Visa Signature at any of our participating merchants. (They really give great discounts to card holder)

7. CIMB Bank Smart Rewards - Enjoy year-long discounts at over 500 dining, retail and lifestyle outlets bringing you privileges and benefits wherever you go. (Additional discount given compare to other cards)

8. 1-Hour Card Issuance - Enjoy the convenience of applying for a new CIMB Bank credit card or supplementary card in one hour, plus discover the many services available at our well-appointed Card Service Centres. (Proven true)

9. CIMB Visa Signature Hotelclub - Enjoy a complimentary one-night stay at featured hotels, with discounts up to 75% on 55,000 hotels worldwide with a click of a button. (The deals are good and more compare to Platinum)

10. Enjoy More Visa Signature Exclusive Benefits - Take advantage of exclusive privileges for travel, shopping, and golfing, for your enjoyment of the privileged lifestyle. (Tailored for Visa Signature card holders)

Plus, the card is simple but look very prestige.

So upon getting my new card, I decided to cancel the old Visa Platinum I had. Our conversation turn out to be funny as I wanted to keep the old card for my collection. This is how it goes (in Malay/English language mixed):

Me: Saya nak cancel the Platinum card since dah ada Signature. The Mastercard can still be used as back up kan?

CS: Yup. Ada bawa kad tak?

Me: Kena return ker? Sebab saya nak simpan.

CS: Ikut procedure memang kena return balik.

Me: Kalau macam tue, saya tak bawa lah.

CS: Suka hati lah.

Me: Hahahaha...


Adam bin Ahmad said...

so total cards you have?
6 cards? awesome !

Ameer Zachery said...

Nope. Don't want tell.. Hahaha...

Unknown said...

haha hsbc also has visa signature, and the features sound the same. of 'coz i am not entitled to get it lol

[Jino] - A man's not a man unless he knows how to shoot

Ameer Zachery said...

HSBC playing hard to get. So I ended up lazy to apply already.

LOL. The only reason I like to apply is because I love to collect credit cards. My crazy hobby. Hahaha.